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Type 850


The type 850 level transmitter indicator is intended to display and / or retransmit the height of the liquid level inside a tank.
It's made of :
-An indication box (painted aluminum or stainless steel base) in which the indicator dial and alarm contacts are mounted: Example: 1 or 2 alarms and / or 1 electronic transmitter.
-A float or plunger (stainless steel base or depending on the type of fluid on request).
-A connection system to the tank to be measured (flange or threaded connection) equipped with a head containing the connection system to the indicator box.
As an option: the 850 can be mounted in a chamber with connections adapted to the process to be controlled.


The device is mounted vertically. The fluid level is given by the float. A force-balancing system, comprising a mass of constant section suspended from a calibrated spring (Archimedes' principle) enables a large combined measurement range between the scale to be measured and the density of the liquid. The level indication is transmitted by the magnetic coupling to the display needle on the graduated dial of the indicator box and to the alarms or retransmission elements located inside the box.



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