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Type 1200


They are intended for pipes with a diameter greater than 50 mm.


An articulated pallet placed perpendicular to the direction of movement of the fluid actuates a rod equipped with
its upper part of a magnetic transmitter. This acts remotely on a magnet linked to a contactor
which gives an alarm signal.


The device is available in two versions:
- TYPE 1200: Supplied with a threaded cylindrical sleeve, to be welded on the pipe. After welding,
the device is fixed to the sleeve by means of a tightening ring and a lock nut (sealing by
O-ring). On request, assembly can be carried out using a flange (type 1200B).
- TYPE 1220: Supplied assembled on a connection sleeve (piping portion), supplied with flanges
carbon steels, rotating on stainless steel flange



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