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Tube métal type 250


Metal variable area gyrometer

Description of the measuring device:
The type 250 metal gyrometer is very suitable for opaque, corrosive or dangerous fluids used in most industrial processes. Its robust design enables the flow of viscous fluids or gases to be measured under particularly severe operating conditions.

Indication by magnetic transmission. Its float damping system and low pressure drop gives it perfect reading stability on gas and vapor measurements.

• Water treatment
• Refrigeration and heating circuit
• Thermal and nuclear power plant
• Treatment ovens
• Petrochemical industry

• High temperature
• 4-20Ma transmitter - Standard, Atex d or Atex ia
• Alarm: up to 2 alarms
• Special scale

• Class 1.6 VDI VDE


TYPE 250 DN80-A (02).tif


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