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Tube en verre type 123


A float, of the plumb bob type, is pushed by the fluid and moves vertically in a borosilicate glass tube which widens upwards.
For a given flow rate, the float is established at a particular level where its weight is balanced with the pressure of the fluid.
The upper flange of the float indicates the value of this level on the graduated scale.


The flow rate indication is on a removable band that allows easy change of scales.
The metal parts are epoxy painted, which gives excellent protection against corrosion.
the protective glasses are made of tempered glass for optimum safety. The design of the instrument allows rapid replacement of the tube, in the event of accidental breakage or for replacement by another dimension of tube (different measurement).


• Metallurgy (cementation, annealing)
• Mechanical (burner adjustment, pneumatic control)
• Food industries
• Hydraulic bench (metrology, aeronautical industry, etc.)
• Transformation process (sugar factory, stationery, etc.)


21011510-123L-A (01).png


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